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CODE I 21 and the provided training porfolio help companies and individuals to successfully manage their transformation process to realign their sales and conversation skills to the rigorously changed buying environment in today’s Buyer 4.0 markets.

The new MINDSET of modern decision-makers and the process how they take decisions nowadays build the foundation of the new sales programs with the new sales roles, skill-sets and tools. The focus is on the newly designed conversation models and messaging tools. They precisely address the shifting expectations of Buyer 4.0 and are aligned to the digitized sales environment in today’s and tomorrow’s markets.

To ensure that you successfully use the new skills in your day-to-day business and that the concepts become second nature as quickly as possible, we have implemented this reinforcement and collaboration platform. The CODE I 21 Online Learning System helps to systematically develop the new conversation levels and improve performance sustainably.

We are striving to achieve 3 goals for you via this platform:

Get familiar with the different tool sets and build a profound knowledge about how and when to apply the new instruments. It is crucial to understand the conversation modelling concept and and to adopt these techniques, because managing CUSTOMER CONVERSATIONS is the No.1 differentiator for salespeople in today’s Buyer 4.0 markets and the critical competence to successfully manage dynamic sales processes along the CUSTOMER JOURNEY.

The Leadership and Coaching Model is the foundation of the transition and implementation process. Make use of the specific Improvement Routine designed to establish and continiously adopt the new skill sets. Discuss and reflect your results with your Coach recurrently in order to recognize personal obstacles and define next steps to improve your skill level stepwise.   

It is also our goal to establish a SalesWiki  and a structured Tool Library by the power of the whole sales community in order to support each seller with the appropriate sales tools aligned to various sales scenarios and industries. This concept helps extremly to start off straightforward and encourages sales performance impacts to each salesperson. 

We truly wish each of you to master your Improvement Journey successfully. Benefit particularly from the collaboration with your coach and take advantage of the opportunity to engage colleagues into the improvement processes in order to inspire each other.

The CODE I 21 online platform in association with the sales enablement concept will help you to achieve ongoing success in your day-to-day business from the very beginning.

Start your own personal journey right now! Begin with “Get Started” and follow the enrolled courses you find under “My Dashboard”.

Harald Marx, Designer von CODE | 21

You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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