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and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Add a 2-step authentication to your account to expand access security and better protect your data. To do this,

  • Click the “Log in” button and sign in with the credentials sent to you by email. You will be taken to the 2FA setup procedure.
  • In case the QR code is not not shown immediatley on the screen, please wait a second or refresh your screen.
  • Install from the Google or Apple store the Microsoft Authenticator on your mobile phone or any other APP shown on the bottom of the popup window of the 2FA procedure.
  • For the Microsoft Authenticator, select “Add account / Other account” or equivalent steps in the APP you have chosen. (See also the various instructions for other apps in the 2FA pop-up window.)
  • Thereafter scan the QR code displayed in the popup window using your Authenticator APP.
  • The phone will immediately show the new account and a 6-digit security code.
  • After clicking “I’m Ready” in the window of the 2FA procedure, enter the security key into the “Authentication Code” field of the form and finish the procedure with “Validate & Save Configuration”.
  • Now you have the option to download back-up codes to use them instead of the security code from the APP, if you ever lose your mobile device or do not have access to your phone.
  • Then, you will be redirected in order to choose your language and arrive at the Welcome page.
  • Get an overview and begin with the “Get Started” menu item, describing how to work with the platform.
  • At any future login – after signing in with your username and password – you will be provided with the requested one-time code in the Authenticator APP to enter the key into the form on your PC to finally get access.

Handling is easy and straightforward in everyday practice! Now start with Log in